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3 Days Of Creating Your Big ASK Future FREE Adventure














Have you been wishing and praying for more? Wanting something different for your life and business?!


Has it worked?

What if there were 3 simple steps to apply to ANYTHING you would like to have in your life?


Would you even be willing to try it?


Yes?!  Ok! Let's go!! 🚀


Day 1- Getting Clear on what you would like to create for the future

Day 2- Making the DEMAND of YOU!

Day 3- Taking ACTION


Join John Wheeler and me here .. Or in my telegram thread for more.




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    Day 1- Getting Clear on what you would like to create for the future


    Make a list and write it down.


    • What is it you would like to ask for?

    • What amount of money would you like in your account to never have a money problem?

    • Write down what you would like to have in your life, business, relationship, and with your body?

    • Look at all of the areas in your life and make a list for each one

    • Where am I at?

    • Is this something I believe I can choose?


    1. What are you actually asking for?

    2. The thing you think you want, what do you want it for?

    3. Do you actually want it? Is that your ASK or someone else’s?

    4. What would you like to add to your life?

    5. What do you already have?

    6. Are you looking at what you do have and, and the creation of it and acknowledge it? What have you created?

    Have fun and share what comes up for you, if you like❣️

    Day 2- Making the DEMAND of YOU!



    Let's get really clear on what you would actually like to create, to make the DEMAND of YOU! 

    Get present with yourself today and look at a couple of things:

    1. Demand of yourself: “No matter what it takes, I am

    changing this.”

    2. Question: “What choices do I have here?”

    3. Choice: “If I choose this, will this expand my agenda?”

    4. Possibilities: “What else is possible here?”

    5. Contribution: “What contribution can I be and receive?”


    Ask: 👇 

    Are you making the demand of yourself or are you demanding of others and how is that working for you?

     If you have something you would like to create what if you asked! I will do whatever it takes to change this. “I will have this!” And made the DEMAND!

      Day 3 - Taking ACTION 

      Look at your list of creations and ask:

      1. What choice and action can I take now today?

      2. What can I institute today?

      3. What have I not wanted to take action on?

      4. Is this action or reaction to something?

      5. Am I just putting the pieces together and changing what I have looked at fixing?

      6. Just get clear on where you are at now?

      7. The actions you take today will create the future that you are aware of.

      8. What can I be, do create now that will create the future that I am asking for?

      9. Make a choice! Choice creates!


      Ask: 👇 

      What have I defined that action is?

      What action could I take?

      What action could I take here that would change this?

      What action is required here now?

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      Day 4 "Creating Your Big ASK Future" Energy Pull

      Energy Pulls "Creating Your Big ASK Future"

      Tapping into your energies of you! 

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      Energy Pulls "Creating Your Big ASK Future!"

      The Universe is infinitely gifting to us. It’s only waiting for you to ask, for you to request what you most desire with your life and business.


      How do you communicate with the Universe? This energy pull is a tool you can use to start.

      This will be you inviting what you desire in life.


      Everything in your life you have asked for in some way, whether verbally, cognitively, or energetically. If you have it, you've asked for it. Everything you love, you hate, you'd like to have and you wouldn't. So, what are you asking for really? This energy pull is a tool you can use to start.

      Join us for an energetic pull to get clear on the energy of the big ask future you'd like to have and explore one of the easiest, most creative tools of Access Consciousness®. What big ask future do you desire to have and what can we create together?


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