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  • Becky Vannes

Do You have Problems or Possibilities with Your Money Reality?

Once, a man hired me for help with his small part time business.. I asked about his revenue goals.

He quitly admitted to me, “Well, my wife and I already have enough money. We’re very comfortable. So, I don’t really need to earn more money. We’re fine. For me, running a business isn’t about the money.”

I’ve heard these words echoed so many times, from so many men and woman.

“Money doesn’t matter to me.” “I’m not motivated by money.” “I’m not doing this for the money.” “Money’s not important to me.” “Oh, I don’t care about the money.”

I am here tell you…

Money is very important.

And if you care about helping people—if you care about changing the world—then you need to start caring about money, too. What if you created enough money to clean up the oceans?! What else would be possible than?

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