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Unapologetically You

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

What does being unapologetically you mean? Let's start here. How much do you apologize for who you are?

To illustrate this, I was watching a film, and it gave two scenarios. The first starts with a scene with a secretary opening the door to her boss's office to let him know that someone was there for him. She says: 'I'm so and so is here for you'.

She then shuts the door, you can see by her posture, demeanour and the energy she uses that she is basically apologizing for her very existence.

The second scenario in the film is the same girl as the secretary. This time she opens the same door to the boss's office and says: 'Hi, so and so is your for their appointment. Are you ready? If you are not let me know when you are, and I'll show them in'. She then leaves and shuts the door, and confidently goes back to her desk.

These scenes were such an 'Ah-ha!' moment for me. They made me realize how many times I said sorry or was even just the energy of apology when dealing with other people.

It is not the kind of apology when you hurt peoples feelings; it's more the apology for your very existence. For instance, many times, do you say: 'I'm so sorry for bothering you'. Do you actually need to apologize ever for just giving somebody information?

In this world, we function from right and wrong, good and bad. The thing is there is no way we can be right or wrong or good or bad because people will judge you regardless of whatever choice you make. By avoiding judgment, you are putting yourself in a box and limiting and apologizing for you.

Who is the person that is most judgemental of you? Let me tell you a secret; it is most often you. Judgement eliminates your choice to be the joy and genuinely love yourself and the miraculousness that you be. Let's look at that. What's helped me be unapologetically me, especially in business is I'm willing to have people judge me. I am willing to be outrageous!

To find out more tools and tips to be unapologetically you, watch the video below:

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