This is 5 day jump start your business boot camp were I share all my secrets on jump starting your busy! This 5 days program is ONLY for entrepreneurs who are serious about building their business and want to truly get a jumpstart on it now, make more money ASAP and start living the lifestyle of your dreams!


The 5 day jump start your business boot camp includes:

1. One 30 privative one-on-one with Becky Vannes

2. Two scheduled Zooms calls recordings.

3. My FREE gift 🎁 to you to get you ready is “Secrets to Creating Successful Facebook Event & Class.” Audio & PDF


What we are going to create with you and your business?

✔️Getting CLEAR on your product and your business TARGET

✔️Facebook Business page ( if you already have one we will be adding secret marketing tools to optimize it)


✔️Backend systems

✔️ Developing your product

✔️ Social Media Marketing Secrets that really work!

✔️ Having fun with the sale!

The private Facebook group:

1.  Labled daily FB live video discussion on business creation topics including the daily homeplay.

2. There is daily home play for you that goes with the daily recorded FB live group videos (Which are in MP3 also)

3. Marketing & Social Media posts to participate in, comment on, hold yourself accountable with and communicate and network with others in this private  Facebook group.


We encourage in the private Facebook group:


-adding any helpful content excerpts and written tips,

-asking for help,

-sparking interesting and creation conversations.


Secrets to Creating a Successful Business 5 day Jump Start Boot Camp

One 30 privative one-on-one with Becky Vannes

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Secrets to Creating Successful Business: 5-Day Jumpstart Bootcamp


    Becky Vannes