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  • Becky Vannes

What is Right About My Body I am Not Getting?

What’s RIGHT about my BODY I am not getting? What is the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror? Are you ready to have a completely new body? Have you ever wondered what it is, that it seems so easy for others to change their body size and shape, yet its so hard for you? What would it take for you to be able to change your body with ease? What if it wasn't just about changing your body? What if there was something far greater beyond that? Would you like my secret formula for a new body?

The #1 reason that any diet plan isn’t working is because diets take your attention off of yourself, into what you can or can't have, and gives that power to the energy of lack and can't. I was working with an amazing 1:1 client today, and she asked me if my weight loss journey was effortless. No it was not. Losing my weight and transforming my body into a National Figure Competitor required intimacy and intention to my most inner thoughts. I’m convinced that people choose diets to avoid intimacy and the inner thoughts we tell ourselves with out even being aware of it. Diets are a great distraction. What are you avoiding?

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