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Give Your Business Page Some Love

Your personal Facebook Page is easy, right? You engage with your friends with jokes, articles, videos, pictures and quotes that you make you chuckle or making wonder or light you up. It's your playground. A place where you socialize online.

What if your business page can be just as much fun as your personal page? What do you love posting on your personal Facebook page? Why even have a business page on Facebook? Don't you get more reach on your personal page?

What you might not realize is your Business Facebook Page is like your website on Facebook; it is your business's presence on social media.

There are so many ways you can personalize your business page to work for you and your business. For instance, I have recently changed the format of my business page to a video page. Why did I do that? I don't really like reading posts; however, I love watching videos and making videos and interviewing different people.

With a video page, you can have five feature videos at the top of your page which you can scroll through and highlight the order they show up.

Therefore, when someone comes to my business page, the first thing they see are my videos on various topics. They can scroll down and find something that interests them.

Discover more exciting ways to engage with your business page, and your audience to increase your business' presence on Facebook and social media in general:


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