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If You Post It Will They Come?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

You've done it! A great product, a fantastic graphic, a catchy title and description and you've posted your Facebook event. It's out there!

You imagine the crowds pouring in! And then, crickets!

What are you not getting about this? Surely social media is the wonder marketing tool that's supposed to be accessible to everyone?!

Let's look at a few useful tips to ensure you maximise your event.

First of all, one of the most important things is to clearly state the time and date of the event. This allows people to know when the event begins and when it ends. Including a date and time link makes it easier for people from different time zones to join your event.

Another tip is making the payment for your event as easy as possible for your potential participants.

If you have a payment and registration page for your website, you can easily add a link to your event—this is advantageous as it directs people to your website, which they then might explore further.

If you don't yet have that feature set up, you can create a PayPal link. The PayPal me link is useful because you can add a set amount.

Another payment option that works well is an application called Eventbrite.

It is free, and you can set a place for them to register for the event and pay. Everbrite has a free account option, and you can set a place for them to register for the event and pay.

Make it as easy as possible for people to pay.

Many people use zoom to hold online webinars which, with a paid account, allows you to let participants register. You then receive their email and their name, and message them with a PayPal link.

Importantly make sure that all of the links that you include in your event description work and direct your clients to the correct locations.

Always ensure you reread and have someone else double-check your information.

To see the full interview and pick up some more great tips on Facebook Events, click on the video below:

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