• Body Whispering,  ENERGY PULLS
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    Aug 02, 10:00 AM EDT – Aug 06, 11:00 AM EDT
    Private Facebook Group
    * Discover how to have communion with your body and enjoy the gift it can be? * Stop draining yourself by giving up the need to heal others! * Realize the body transformation that is possible from chose and awareness. *Learn your body's s language of energy and start listening to it in a whole
  • Bodylicious - Group SOP Taster!
    Aug 18, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT
    Are you ready to explore the deliciousness that your body can be?
  • The Foundation® Class Online with Becky Vannes
    Aug 20, 9:30 AM EDT – Aug 23, 5:30 PM EDT
    Is now the time to take your life into the creation of your desires?
  • Are You Generating Income Revenue Streams? Money Come To Me!!!
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    Aug 25, 3:00 PM EDT
    Where are you refusing to tap into the constant generative stream? There is no limit to the amount of revenue streams you can create. Educate yourself about money. Use the money you have to create more money. Ask questions every day and allow multiple revenue streams to show up.
  • Relationships Done Different Masterclass - ARE YOU READY! - with Becky Vannes
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    Sep 03, 2:00 PM EDT – Sep 06, 5:00 PM EDT
    Relationships Done Different is an invitation to something greater. It’s an invitation to communion. In this 2.5 day class, 4 days for three hours, you will be given simple and pragmatic tools designed to empower you to create relationships that actually work, starting with a relationship with you.