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Being You with Money

It's an interesting idea, but what does that even mean?

We have all these preconceived ideas of it should be like to have money and what having money looks like. Are any of those really your ideas and beliefs?

As kids, you come into this world, and you're already aware, even though you might not know it, of everything that's going on in your families' financial reality.

For instance, with my Mom, there was never enough money. And money for her had a sense of control. My Mom came from a wealthy family, but with anything she received from them, it was never given freely.

Whenever my Mom was given money, it always came with expectations. Such as, 'I'm giving you this, and now you have to do what I say, or you have to spend it on what I expect you to spend it on'. So from an early age, she had this perspective and then had the same expectations of myself and my brothers when we were growing up.

That's never been my perspective. I've always looked at ok what else would be fun for me to create. When I look at my life so far

Even from an early age, I've always created an abundance of money. I remember when I was 20 I had a brand new vehicle that I bought because I made really good money and a year later I bought my first house. It never occurred to me in my life that I couldn't create cool things.

I was always willing to make more money just for the fun of it the joy of it.

To hear the rest of the interview watch the video below:

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