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Loving the Skin Your In

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Imagine you had a best friend, someone that would be there for you and have your back and create a magnificent life with you.

A partner that knew you so intimately that you were in perfect sync. No, I'm not talking about finding the ideal mate. I'm talking about the partner you were born with that follows wherever you go. That no matter how you treat, it loves you unconditionally—your body.

Unfortunately, rarely on this planet do people think of their bodies like that. Instead, we judge our bodies and blame our bodies for getting sick. We often have the point of view that our body is doing the sickness to us. When, in fact, perhaps it is a co-creation.

My favourite example of how we often communicate with our bodies is this: Imagine you are invited to a party, but when you get there, all you do is insult all the other guests that are there. Would anyone want to hang out with you? Well, it's the same thing with your body. When you tell your body 'Your butt is so big', or 'You are always so tired', and 'You are never good enough'.

Would you like you to communicate or hang out with you?

So what if you start acknowledging what you do love about your body? What possibilities could you invite into your life when you are grateful to your body and your co-creation? What if you started to look at the magic that it is and how miraculous it is.

A while ago now, I realised I was separating from my body, almost like it was a separate entity. And I realised that if I didn't start communicating with my body; there was a possibility that my body may have an illness like cancer one day, and I would never see it coming.

This idea spurred me into action. I started looking at the idea of having a partnership with my body, where there was open communication. Through these conversations with my body, I started learning to be aware of my body and what she requires.

Something that I've been adding to my daily life is this question: What gift are you to my life body?

In asking that question, I've even realised that my body doesn't react to mosquito bites. I know that sounds like a small thing, but it is a pretty miraculous thing for those of you who do get allergic reactions. I recognised by asking my body what gift it is I'm now having awarenesses like that. So what is miraculous about your body that you have never acknowledged?

To hear more about how you can create a great relationship with your body, watch the video below:

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